Happy Birthday BB

See its your Birthday have a good one :smiley:

For those that dont know her, she’s the one in the leather jacket :wink:


I never knew she did TV, happy birthday BB :smiley:

Did she ever do that photo shoot?

Happy Birthday from all the staff of the LB Helpline:D

I knew you had a thing for her on the quiet :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:


Terry she`s still tooooooooooooooooooooooo good looking for you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Many Happy Returns BB :wink:

:w00t: Happy Birthday

I’d never tread on your toe’s Slarty :stuck_out_tongue:


No, feel free Mr Moto, you go ahead :smiley: , never let it be said that I stand between two people and true love :stuck_out_tongue: