Hi James… Just wanted to wish you a very Happy ??? Birthday… Havwe a great day at work my friend… LOL… and do everything I would do!!!

Were will be the cake? Happy birthday babyJ !!!

Aaaah, that’s why you were in such a good mood today.

Happy Birthday fella

P.S. And thanks for the discount.

Many Happy Returns, hope you enjoy your day.

Happy Burpday dude

Happy Birthday mate, all the best!


Yay!! … Happy Birthday!!

Hippo Birdy 2 Ewes.

Keep it coming all!!! and thankyou all

Happy birthday! Have a good one.

Happy Birthday fella, though just remember, you’re still dead when I see you!

WHATEVER!!! I’m tucked away in a secure concrete bunker DEEP underground…surrounded by naked girls of course I only come out for prezzies!!!

Best Birthday wishes from Kansas, BabyJ…

Now, uh, assuming you and the beautiful women run out of beers in your secret underground pleasure palace, I mean, bunker…and you’re needing someone to deliver more…well…for a nominal fee I’d be willing to take one for the team and head down there with a couple of kegs. LOL

‘’…theres no place like home’’ cheers dude!!

James thanks for all your help early Mate see you late and Happy Barthday

Have a good’n mate

just asked someone what the date is!!! I’m a genious I am

LOL… Over the head kinda thing!



Happy Birthday mate I hope Jays Birthday beats arn’t too bad