Happy Birthday Arnie

Happy Birthday mate, it’s been too long since we heard from you, have a great day.

+1 hope youre ok :wink: have a good day (no doubt you will…)

he’s running a polish bikers website now so doubtless got his hands full with that or, if I remember correctly, some dodgy porn hehe

Happy birthday both :slight_smile:

Like I said. I am back :slight_smile:

Thanks you guys for this post. Seems Lb didnt forget about me:D

Stuck at work for the whole day tho…

Yep I am running PolishBikers now but often browse and mostly only read LB.

If I say I have been stopped about 4 times by the cops this year wont impress anyone as we all heard it already :wink:

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fab day :smiley:

happy birthday have a great day:)


oi arnie, do me a favour and get shane a job at your place :slight_smile:

p.s. happy birthday

Happy Birthday

I saw Arnie at the Ace on Friday night.

Happy Birthday dude :smiley:


belated -bday greetings fella!

sold the KTM yet?

nope, still travelling using orange force ;]

giving it a go at cadwell soon, look into trackdays :slight_smile: