Happy Anniversary Hubby

congratulations you two, have a wonderfull day;) He could take you to wales for a steak pie:D you did say you ride in all weathers:w00t:

congrates you pair of nutters!!! :smiley:

Thanks everyone… we went out to get away from the bleeding trick or treaters constantly banging on the door, took our youngest with us so he didn’t have to listen to the stream of annoying brats :smiley:

We are off to sunnier climates very soon :cool:

has nobody told you that there is no sun in brighton,

We are taking bikes but this time it means flights to our sunnier climes :stuck_out_tongue:

o did you want me to go through my pics and see if i have any of you 2, ?

seconds thoughts better not go there.:slight_smile:

I think it’s really good of you Ang to offer to be his spanner girl, these foreign track days do take it out of you . . . he’ll need time to relax and chill out and having you get the bike off stands and manage the tyre warmers will be great ! :P:D;)

Sod all that, I’ve got a hire car. I will be shopping and sunning myself on the beach whilst he canes my bike … I think that’s a fair deal.