HapPPy BiRthDay LOopy

It’s the hottest girl on LB’s birthday today… Oh yeah, she’s got lots of prezzies and chocolate cake!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES… hurry up and come home,

I got one more prezzie for ya


Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Loopy!!

Have a great day!

happy birthday…

happy birthdy my darling!!!

Many Happy Returns !

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday. What did you get her Si?


Happy birthday Loopy.

Happy Birthday Loopy

Flatout has given me a sneak preview of the cake



… yeah it was from one of them mould a willy kits, she can lick the cake mix off my legs later

Happy Birthday Loopy - have a great day

If it is Loopys Birthday treat surely she shouldn’t be the one doing the licking

if i was missing that last vertabre i could lick it myself… anyway she done well so ill think of it as a reward for Flats

this thread has turned into SMUT and i like it

thankyou for all your messages & (flat’s) cant wait to get home for some more birthday treats

Got loadsa lovely pressies, really overwhelmed by them all just dont know what ones to play with first

your gonna be the best dressed biker girl around

thought you preferred me undressed

i do… but when your dressed you will be the best dressed biker girl around

Happy Burfday Loopy … Enjoy your … presents

Hope you’re having fun on your new bike

Happy Birthday xx

Hope you get lots of biscuits