Happiness is...

Sitting in a bar in Zermatt sinking the first apres-ski pint of the season.:slight_smile:

So everyone having a nice day at work back in London ?:hehe:

Day off today, and works xmas dinner tonight :smiley:


I knew I shouldn’t have been in work today. Enjoy.

Rumours are, this year is gonna be good for the snow… :slight_smile:

im quite jelous!


“Happiness is…” subjective.

Riding my bike! (which I did this morning :smiley: )

Happiness is…

…mind altering drugs? :doze:

Damn it, no apres ski pint, bike or mind altering drugs :crying: BUT, i do have a 6 month tickect to thailand for Jan :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Life aint all bad!