Happiness is....

a week in Playa del Carmen Mexico…OUTSTANDING



I’m just a teenie weenie bit jealous:D

Very nice.

Looks just like Jaywick;):smiley:

Very nice looking beach:cool:


We stayed at a resort called Sandos Playacar…all inclusive…and just off the charts AWESOME.

If you get the chance…GO. It is amazing.

you can go off people you know :slight_smile:

looks amazing

This year I’m mainly “holidaying” in Woolwich.

No contest.

sweet mate…real sweet;).


think i need another holiday after seein that… wow

Gee I have the time, but not the money. :frowning:

There is always the English Riviera, but can someone remind me were it is? :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you’re enjoying yourself! Me, my day’d have been marred by the giant winnebago-sized millipede that clearly just passed by to the left, judging by the tracks…


We’re counting down the days to setting off for colder climes! Should be crossing the Arctic Circle in 2 weeks 1 day!!

Looks great, think I need to book a holiday somewhere warm.

Don’t think above the Arctic Circle will be too warm really

Jammy git - my only holiday will be Eastbourne for a week at my dads next week… Woop :stuck_out_tongue: