Hanger Lane - new speed limit going south

Limit for travelling south (up the hill from gyratory) has been reduced to 30mph and is enforced with a camera. Limit in the other direction is still 40mph, with camera. So very confuusing.

I went past here the other day and almost got caught out, I thought I was going mad as I was sure it used to be 40mph, I can’t see how going one way is 30mph and going the other way on the very same road would be 40mph, seems stupid to me!!

It’s been like this for quite a while as Mark and myself had a long convo about it well before Christmas in the car.

the reason could be that if you are going up the hill there’s a blind summit with the traffic lights so p’haps they had a few to many incidents and decided to slow it down, coming down the hill you can see more??? but hey i dont usually get much upto 35 going up that way