Hang Over Cures

Happy St Patricks Day, my Dad is Irish, my Mum Scottish and I was born in Watford, so unlike you pure british peeps, I get to celebrate three times.

As I will no doubt be getting slightly inebriated tonight I thought I would share the wise musing ala Dan re hangover cures. Best way I have found of coping with drinking to excess is:-

  1. Pint of Water before going out,

  2. Pint of Water before going to sleep

  3. Two cans of full fat coke next morning.

Any body got any other cures ?

Was told by a policemen that brufen or headache pills next morning not a good idea as the stuff in them slows down the body cleaning out the alcohol, don’t ask me I am not a biologist.

Have a good one, am looking forward to the ride out on the 23rd April.

Irnbru and a couple of Bacon rolls always does it for me

Hi Mate, That Copper was almost there !!..Anything Codeine based will slow the regeneration system and the paracetamol in these products are only there to instill numbness.

Alcohol is basically liquid sugar and whats happening with a hangover is that the body is screaming for the overdose of sugar it has been given the night before becouse in turn, the process of dealing with the sugar uses our body,s storage of essential water stocks = Dehydration and Headaches.

So the trick is to fool the body in to its yearning state.

First thing in the Morning get Two Large Mars Bars and a Can of Coke down your neck as fast as you can but not fast enough to deliver it back in to reality instantly…lol…then sip from a bottle of water regularly over the course of the next hour and “HEY PRESTO” that “write off” of a body you woke up with is feeling like its had its fix and your ready to do it all over again !!!..lol.

By the way, the doing it all over again bit was a bad joke on my part seeing as Im a Drugs and Alcohol Counsellor !!! So to redeem myself I should say that the best cure is not to do it in the first place…There…I feel all resurrected and pure again !!!..lol.

All the best…Barro.

Seeing as a large part of the ill effects is due to de-hydration, I’ve found that (Boots) Rehydration Sachets are worth having in the cupboard.

My doctor prescribed these one year when I had Gastro so bad that I lost a stone in 5 days and afterwards it occurred to me that they might work quite well for hangover, too, so I swear by them now. Although in extreme cases it helps if you’re on good terms with a nurse or two - my ex (A&E Sister) gave me an anti-sickness jab one time I was really suffering with vodka-itis and it really did the trick… just be prepared to be told to bend over and relax. :wink: LOL

Spot on Gadget,

Those little cures are great but …lol…theres always a but eh !!!..what they dont do is kill that craving for “The Hair of the Dog” !! you know the one…the one me and you have never taken …lol

All down to that sugar content…the sachets have no stimulus in that area so the craving and the “Poor me, I feel s**t” whinge remains…lol.

All the best mate.


Pint of water + 2 brufen b4 going to bed

When u wake up 2 brufen + a couple of those lucozade sports drink type things & then about an hour later a full fat boys brekkie, works for me

i thought it said “hang over curves” thought you was on about getting your knee down or summin its been a long day…

Ha ha ha ha ha ha …Quality…Have a good weekend and a recharge.


No chance working all weekend have to wait till thursday for a four day weekend before any recharging commences…

Oh Mate.I thought I was the only one that got stuffed like that…have a good one anyway.



If you can keep a good curry down, you can keep anything down


Try a nice big glass of milk before drinking

Don’t believe no one has mentioned a full fried breakfast with a pint of tea???

LOL… True… I forgot to mention the other ingredients in my recovery arsenal:

1 x Glass of (Boots) Rehydration Powder
2 x Co-Dydramol Strong but Smoooth Painkillers
1 x Can of Red Bull
1 x Another Glass of (Boots) Rehydration Powder

Then, hopefully, by lunchtime you’re ready for some fruit… say, an extra spicy Bloody Mary, purely for the tomato, of course.

By close of play at work, one is ready to start again - sweeeet!

All that, just coz of one Malibu & Coke!

:wink: LOL

Exactly one third of what you drank the night before…

garenteed to be pissed again