Handyman/Electrician Needed

Hi guys, as part of my home security review, I want to get our security light working, illuminating the drive when someone enters.

I have an old light there (well, probably only a few years old) but it’s stopped working -

I’ve changed the bulb, no joy, and that’s about the extent of my knowledge. I’ve bought a whole new unit, but I’m looking for someone that knows what they’re doing to put it up.

I would imagine if you know what you’re doing it’s 10 minutes work. Any offers, or anyone know a good handyman (or woman) that can do this for me for a small fee? :slight_smile:

Roughly whereabouts?:slight_smile:

That’s got to be one of the easiest jobs ever! If you find a decent handy man, let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

Jaime could do it?? Well, u best ask him first!! haha!

i cant see the wireing in the pic? prob coz of the angle of the pic? in practice the wireing is meant to go into a loop below the entry point to the lamp so any rain water dont drain into the lamp and blow the lamp up, just i cant see anything there andy
p.s hows the bike it looks the bollox !

North London, Finchley area.

I’m sure it is, but I would probably electrocute myself as it’s not in my field of expertise :frowning:

Cool, will do, or maybe he’ll see this thread :slight_smile:

Loving the bike, thanks :slight_smile:

If it helps, this is what I bought, which is almost an identical replacement -


could do it blindfolded :smiley:

Im in N10 too :Whistling:

have u tried changing the bulb? most people put a new bulb in but dont slide the two nipples in properly so no light:ermm:

failing that, check that the power is going to the light (screwdriver voltage tester ± £2)

if it is then a new light fitting is needed. easy like changing a plug :slight_smile:

Tried the bulb (even though the original looks fine) fairly sure it was seated properly, but no joy.

Multi-tester Screwdriver on it’s way from some good fellow in eBay, but god knows when that’ll get here.

N10, we’re practically neighbours! :wink: Well, if you’ve got 30 minutes tomorrow evening or Wednesday, please let me know, I’ll gladly cover fuel and time :slight_smile:

coolio, no probs. pm sent

Good call on getting someone in because you don’t know about it…

Electricity is not to be messed with! :w00t:

it is when its turned off…:stuck_out_tongue:

Check me out!

Woo hoo!

Got my bike alarm fitted this morning too, so now I just need to set my security camera to upload to an FTP server and I’m about there :slight_smile:

nice one. did u do it yourself or did jaime do it ???

How thick are those walls!!! Put your bike in the house!

You got your ground anchors in of course!!!

Hope you got a n.i.c. Certificate for the work done:w00t::smiley:

I did the light myself. There is now a security camera just to the left of that which e-mails me pictures when someone is on the drive.

I don’t have a ground anchor (rented house :frowning: ) so I chain it to my car!

Yes, the alloys are locked on my car!