Handlebar muffs

I saw some muffs on a bike that were fitted with a screw that goes throught the bar end weights, does anyone know what make they are?

I all the years i`ve been riding i only ever used muffs for one winter and that was last year as i was riding up and down the A1 all winter. They worked well but my finger tips still froze.

Think u’ll find it’s the original screw that holds the weight on, I had to do this to fit me muffs on me work bike, u just make a whole where u need it. Ive got oxford one’s…like JP says, me fingers still freeze. Have a chat to Baby J at infinety Great portland street on your way home from work, He was telling me about some he sells that are suppose to be pukka & he’ll give u 10% discount

Did u ever get your brake sorted m8

The thing about bike muffs is that they look so bloody ugly.

Wot do u know, u ride a scoot

Only joking m8, yeh they do, wouldent put em on me fighter

well the brakes are a bit better than they were, I can use 2 fingers now, couldnt before as the lever pulled to far back and hit my other 2 fingers, they still aint 100% though. Did fit a braided hose, still cant work out what it is, have treid evrything, and renewed evrything excpet the lever, guess it is air in system, but have tried all ways to bleed it - back bled it, had lever clamped overnight etc etc, given up with it now.

I do have some muffs, only used em once as on motorway they were hard up against the levers, and didn’t like that. But the ones I saw had specially drilled holes in for the screw, and looked like they couldnt touch the levers.

Think it’s coz I’m getting older, but doing a 40 mile trip at 3am aint all that much fun! Have tried heated grips, they are useless, my gloves are the best I ever had, and wear undergloves, but still get bit cold, so thought muffs as well might do the trick!

Well as u already got muffs, either make up a L shaped bracket to fix to the screw, it’ll make a bit of room between ya lever & the muffs, or make a hole & put a washer on the screw. I had this problem & the muffs kept pushing on me clutch at speed. wot ever way u go, the throttle side needs a bit of fine tuning to enable it to snap back propley.

Glad your brakes are a bit better m8

Cheers mate, will give that a go ova xmas

When i did have them i found them clumbersome as it restricted your hand movements for using the indicator and horn.

They Are homemade adpatations. Was it a Silver Fazer by any chance? If so it was mine I have done this so the muff a) doesnt move in the wind b) some theiving piky gits cant steel them…

to tell u the truth i can’t really remember, it was at the traffic lights near to Tower Bridge, I was waiting to turn right to go onto The Highway.