Hand Guards

So it’s getting towards winter and there’s a distinct chill in the air. I’m thinking of getting some hand guards to try and keep the worst of the windchill off my hands.

I reckon something that bolts onto the outside of the bar would be better as it’ll be easier to avoid a clash with the fairing or make adjustments to the inside edge if it does clash. Ideally something that just bolts under the bar end weights.

I was looking at Ascerbis dual road guards but they’re £75 a pair so I was wondering if I could stick a pair of old guards from a V-strom or maybe BMW GS800 or something.

My bike’s a Yamaha XJ6 Diversion, has anyone got any tips from past experience of trying to do something similart? Does it even make that much difference to keeping your digits warm?



Hand guards, the cheapo ones (less than 20£) work well with muffs and heated grips as a package and stop the muffs pressing on the levers, and also stop the levers getting broken in case of a spill. You will also not worry too much about chopping bits off to make them fit. They need fixing at both ends though. On their own they are useless for weather protection.

V-Strom ones look like they would work (I was looking into this for a Fazer but could not find any secondhand ones at a suitable price) and have a shape that would give some protection on their own, but you might run into space issues on the bars and full lock issues. I would think heated grips would be required. Currently a new set on e-bay for 50£

BMW ones would be huge.

I was going to try DT125 guards as an experiment as they just use one bolt to secure and can be picked up cheap.

I had a look at fitting some bar muffs but I didn’t like the way they run over the kill switch, I’m pretty sure I’d end up having the engine cut out at a vital moment.

The BMW guards are huge but in the pictures I’ve seen it looks like you might be able to cut off the narrow bit on the inside. Maybe I need to start spying on the dual sport bikes on my commute and see if I can spot a good match.

I already have heated grips, just wondered if guards might stop the wind chill on the outside of my hands.

These look stealthy and different: