Hammersmith Gatso

I was on my way home tonight and leaving Shepards Bush Green to head up to the Westway, After taking the left at The Holland Park Roundabout and travelling along the West Cross Route a fellow Biker pulls along side and His or Her Pillion shouts over

“A40 Paddington” and points forwards,

I nod and The Pillion Gives me the “Thumbs Up”

I look down at the Mirrors and catch the speedo too (43mph). The fellow Biker is still along side me when we pass over the Timing Lines to the Gatso just under the Bridge (this ones had me before) then the whole road is lit up like a Christmas Tree !! I look down and Im at (44mph) glance across and the other Biker is dead level with me so same speed !!

The other Biker is looking over checking me and everything else, looking about in mystery !!!

I glance again in Mirrors and a quick “Life Saver” to see if something come up fast…

No one…Nothing…Just me and the other Biker !!

The West Cross Route has permanent Roadside Signage “50mph” !!

So whats going on here ?? We both getting a NIP ?? Is the Gatso Faulty ??

Or has it been Calibrated Low on purpose !!

That stretch of Road must be used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles a week…I wonder how many Companys with “Fleets” of vehicles take the NIP,S on the chin so to speak as part and parcel of the buisness they are in and do not contest anything!!

i go hme tat way evry day n always stick to 50 n neva got flashed!


I know you do and I use it every day whilst working.

Serious…Im looking at the other Biker…and he/she is probably looking at me thinking Im the culprit…we were both dead on level on the Timing Lines and there wasnt another vehicle within 50yrds ! no way was the both bikes going more than 44-45mph !!

WTF !!

sometimes when they go off, i think it may b caused by cars travelling in other direction, i set the ones off in lower thames st like that

I cant wait …wheres that fookin postman !!

Dont even worry about it for a second. If anything lands on your mat within the next 14 days its easy to dispute. They’ll simply calculate your speed manually from the photographic evidence using the timing marks on the road. Job done.

Yes they can. I “know” of just such a camera on the A316 heading down the hill towards Chalkers Corner. And I couldn’t condone any motorcycle rider deliberately setting it off…

hehehe, I don’t do that every night on my way home


Does this answer the question?

No, neither do I

The first one’s easy, the second one after the bridge is much harder.

I try for both everytime, the second one takes more mph

What time do you normal ‘fly’ passed?

I surmised that the reference to the Doppler effect meant that the time between the two pictures was used to calculate the speed.

I really don’t know, though.

The photos against the regstration marks are the only way of ensuring that the camera was set off by the vehicles in view and not a reflection etc. There is one camera on Clapham Common South Side that frequently goes off when you pass at under the speed limit becasue of reflections from traffic coming the other way.

The registration marks are visibile in this country, but I suppose there is no reason why they need be. For example, they could be painted with a substance that radiates under flash in a wave length the camera can pick up but the human eye can’t see.

Errrrrrr …Hmmmmmmmmmmm…

lost me there mate !!

There’s one on the A1005 which has a gallery of pics of the fronts of my bikes over the years…