Hammersmith flyover again!!

The flyover is closed again due to a crash the traffic in the area is horrible. Folded in mirrors really do work a treat for filtering though:D

Mirrors? What mirrors??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep Had this this morning! All the way from Currys Roundabout in Twickenham… got to the togarth roundabout and the overhead section was shut. Coaches and cars blocking the roundabout. Thought i was through the worst then gridlock again at hammersmith! no flyover. forced around the broadway and down fulham!!! :?

Was good until Lambeth Bridge where its was solid again! Nearly got run over by a transit doing a u turn even carried on while i was parping the nobber!! had to go around it in the end.

Deffo putney on the way home. Anyone know if its still bad?

yeah you never have anyone behind you to look at because your that far behind:P

lucky for me i was on the tube this morning other wise id have 2 divert a mad way to get home;) but i heard about it on the radio when i was on the tube.

**** off barry i was right in the thick of it. even had a lovely flame shoot out the exhaust when a van tried to move into me. love how loud my bike is:cool: