Hamilton’s dad wrecks Porsche supercar

Lewis Hamilton’s dad smashed a £330,000 Porsche Carrera GT yesterday.

Anthony Hamilton, 48, had just left home in the borrowed 205mph Porsche when he lost control and ended up in a children’s playground.

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No one was hurt in the accident at Burnham Green, Hertfordshire and no other cars are believed to have been involved, but the Porsche’s repair bill is expected to run to the thousands.

The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the world’s fastest cars, and can hit 60mph from rest in only 3.9 seconds. It has a fearsome reputation for being tricky to control near the limit, and unusually for a modern supercar, uses a manual gearbox rather than a paddle-shift automatic.

Hamilton was driving with his wife Linda near their home in Tewin, Herts, when the car left the road and collided with a fence and hedge before coming to rest in the play area. The police have spoken to Hamilton about the incident.

Perhaps not quite as good a driver as his son then :smiley:

I bet the thought if my boy can do it so can i.

I am sure he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…:rolleyes:

Seems such a nice sensible chap on TV.

Perhaps it’s just the Porche effect. Most (please note, not all) are driven by complete twats.

lucky no one got hurt.

That’s nothing, Lewis trashed his F1 car! :smiley:

And Raikonnen’s, and Rosberg’s

I bet he thought if my boy dad can do it so can i:w00t:

Glad Lewis picked the red and not the white one to hit:)

Unlucky, hope the insurance pays out quickly :smiley:

Drive it like you stole it!!!

Did anybody notice how Lewis laughed and said (in his sarcy voice) “I don’t understand how you can crash at 30mph” when asked about it before yesterday’s race? The moment he said it, it reminded me of the “monkeys in the back” comment he threw out last season.
Well, I guess he toke it as a challenge and tried it out in the pitlane.
Glad he got a penalty for it. Sorry, I don’t like the guy. Since he got that British media treatment (the one button had a few years ago, before they forgot about him and [email protected] off on the new kid on the block), he’s turned into a very arrogant and unpleasant person.
I really hope the other young, equally talented, guys (Kubica, Kovalainen, Rosberg, Vettel) will get good enough cars to beat him constantly over the next few years so that he gets down to earth again.
I fully expected Kimi to smack him in the face yesterday, but then I guess his much too cool for that.

Must feel sorry for Dad - it’s not all his fault if his son is sarcastic, given what has happened to him in the last year or two, and the age he is.

Also I read that Dad was embarrassed as it was “somebody else’s car”. If it was somebody else’s Dad we might not have even heard about it.

Given last week, I don’t think I’d be inclined to lend either of the Hamiltons a car right now.