Halvarssons GI Pants and RST Tractech WP Gloves

As it’s the first proper downpour I’ve ridden in since getting these - thought I’d let you all know how they fared:

GI Pants - Dry as a bone and look good (plenty of pockets too) - great piece of kit :slight_smile:

Tractech WP gloves - Have a Hipora membrane rather than Goretex and now know my pair aren’t 100% waterproof :crying: hands were only damp though so not completely sodden, but, as they’re leather I’ll be treating them with some waterproofing wax or similar and hopefully they’ll stand up better next time. Nice pair of gloves though in a race style, comfy, soft leather with plenty of protection, not too bulky and fairly warm - wouldn’t be great for deepest winter though.