Halo 2 Piece Suits

Does anyone know about Halo suits, in particular the TTC series shown here: http://www.bikesuits.com/inc/sdetail/634

They are pretty pricey, have a relatively low profile, and small market coverage at the moment compared to BKS or Alpinestar, blah blah.
However reading the suit specifics and comparing with a lot of market leading brands, I reckon Halo are pretty spot on!

I almost spent my hard earned cash on a BKS suit and quickly discovered they were actually owned by the ‘dreaded Frank Thomas’.
I’m coming up to the end of my first year as a biking newbie, and in the first instance bought FT Titanium textile suit… yeah I know, well, it was practical at the time…
I have to be honest, the FT 2P Textile Suit has served me pretty well, I cant say the same for the gloves though.

So, any feedback on the Halo would be greatly appreciated… if you don’t own one, what are your opinions on this suit from the site?

I don’t know anything about Halo Leathers. However, the BKS made-to-measure suits are still produced in Exmouth as they have for years, so if you’re looking at spending a lot of money give them a call. :slight_smile:

Crowtree (if they’re still going), Hideout and Scotts will all do suits for the same sort of money as Halo do. Might be worth phoning around.