Halloween night time rideout

There is a rideout being organised on the LB Facebook page for tonight. Is anyone going??

Only the scary ones by the sound of it😈


Nah, going drinking and looking at slutty vampires and zombies. Which is pretty much a standard night out in sauf London :slight_smile:

That be sarf London right

Definately Sarf London… Nah, treating the local kiddies… The garden is a sea of orange, red and cargo netting… Quite fancy a bimble out tomorrow but restricted to 7000 revs for 534 more miles, so wouldn’t organise a rideout with a top speed of 63mph lol!

"A convoy of hundreds of motorbikes, mopeds and quad bikes rode through south London setting off fireworks on Saturday night for a “Halloween Rideout” that had been coordinated on social media.
At least 200 riders were seen on streets from Lambeth to Bromley, allegedly jumping red lights, mounting pavements and provoking a number of complaints to the police at around the same time as an illegal rave near Vauxhall turned violent. "


darn, i knew i missed a good night :smiley:

Nobbers but it looks like fun.

If they hadn’t gone razzin down the pavements while kids were out trick or treating they would of got less complaints.

Huff, and people complain about us on a Sunday mornin!

Bike Life UK innit bruv…

they bunch of pricks them lot

Bit disappointed that LB members advertised going on this after seeing the evidence on the News.

@ang. Don’t think it was the same event.

And it’s kind-of understandable to assume that most people turning up wont be dicks. Or perhaps the hope was to make it so?

lol, they needed to fill up on an 8 mile ride… lol…