Halloween Horror Night!

Hi all,

Right, last year we managed to have our first ever Halloween party on the 31st, but this year I was on shift so we had to arrange another night for it as all our friends who went last year were begging for us to hold one.

So, we decided on Friday 13th November starting at 1600hrs…so its more of a Horror night really! :w00t:

It’s fancy dress, bring your own booze, finger buffet will be provided as well as our famous Ghoulish Brew. :cool:

If anyone would like to come and party till the early hours then you’re more than welcome and we’d be happy to see you here. I’ll PM people with my number, addy and details of places to stay if you need it.

So get your glad rags on and join us for a p*ss up! :smiley:

Jools and Dave (gurninman)