Halfords sale on headlight bulbs

All extreme/super brilliance headlight bulbs buy one get one free.

Ok, so they’re not that extreme, but ‘slightly brighter than standard’ doesn’t sell as well I guess. 2 Bulbs for 20 quid though with this offer, so not too bad for xenons.

There not xenons there just a higher out put I:e 65 wats ect and over rime could melt your headlight plastic invest in xenon H.I.Ds pull out less power and well call me for price and demo I’ll even fit a set to your bike and if not happy take them out but you will love them

Woodster can you give me a price on your xenon’s for a Triumph Sprint ST 1050. :slight_smile:

+1 seen teh results of it!

how much for a set on my SVThou? can you get the lil side/parking lights in blue?

Chav!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re 55/60W, same as the standard bulb…not much brighter but slightly whiter, the ones I got.

I plan on doing this on my next bike if all goes well but at the moment can’t justify spending big money on a bike I plan on keeping less than a year.

definition in the dictionary says…Curtis:w00t::slight_smile: