Halfords Professional 150 piece Socket/Ratchet set

Finally got round to getting my new tools, £99 off the price currently. Thought I’d share in case anyones thinking of buying soon


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shiny tools, :cool:

I do like the Halford’s professional range, apart from the ratchet drives, their ordinary one seem better to me, but at £100 off the RRP that’d be carping;)


mmmm toooools…

The Missus would never find out.

They will be arriving today, CANT WAIT!

I have had mone yeas now and they are still perfect, amazing value for money!

I have a staff discount card which gets an extra 15% off that if anyone is local(kingston) and wants to use it. :slight_smile:

I have that kit and its brilliant, even has some of the weirder splines that they tend to use with car manufacturers nowadays

Hmmm I’m local and now very tempted as I’m now starting to do stuff on my bike (or trying to)! … :slight_smile:

Will wait till the end of the month to see how much money I have left though!

Pretty good timing Kato, thank-you :slight_smile: I’m thinking of upgrading as well!

forgot to mention also got a trade card which drops that kit to £99 all the time so if you miss the offer you always have the option of coming and grabbing the card off me :slight_smile:

got that set a couple of years ago on same deal, you won’t be disappointed great value
and Halfords lifetime warranty is genuine

I use snap on myself but my mate uses the halfords
Stuff it’s good quality I must say

Sounds like a good deal - think I’ll join you. Thanks for the offer too Leon :slight_smile:

Aye it’s not bad quality but no way I’d pay full price for it
The lifetime guarantee doesn’t cover moving parts, so ratchet mechanisms aren’t covered (the very things that are likely to break !)
The spanners are nicely made - I bought a set of ratchet combi spanners a year or so ago for less than £20, and they are very good.
Not the same quality as my 26 year old Britool stuff, but certainly good enough for regular use.

Well, just picked up 2 of these …

Well … one set I had to take back because the hinge on the box snapped within literally 5 minutes of opening! :unsure:

Hopefully it was just a weakness in that one, but be careful - the box seems awfully cheaply made, especially that rear hinge not even having any metal in it. Next time I’m going to make sure the box is completely open and flat on the floor before taking bits in and out of it!

Having said that, the tools look fine and should help remedy my eclectic mix of bits at the moment :slight_smile: Certainly more for my money than I was expecting at over 13kg! I originally thought it would just go in my backpack, but needed some bungeeing on the back of the bike in the end :smiley:

Not got the large set from the pro range described above, but have a few of the smaller sets dotted around the home, garage and car, never had any problems.

The Halfords reduced price offers do seem to come up pretty often, so worth checking the website every so often.