Halfords professional 150 piece set



i wonder if my trade card will work too…

Rude not to ask!

No , the trade card will not work in conjunction with other offers .Or it will be a token couple of quid off .

nice 1, ordered me a set

How much was it yesterday? As it’s still on sale, like every other day of the year

Forget the exact price but it was 70-something pounds.
Maybe £78.99?

They are good sets I have 2 :smiley:

got mine and sexy it is, be a shame to use it, lol

wot makes it even better had some unused vouchers for Halfords so only paid 60 cash, woo hoo.

if anyone wants a top and bottom tool chest, there is a Christmas day special on it now, its the black one £270. damn good value for money that is.

I have the industrial top and bottom it’s a good static set , van duties require tougher but even the snapon proper van version breaks apart after a while . Not to say the stuff aint strong though , I have sockets up to 50mm in my selection , they obviously are not halfords sockets ,but I do have the halfords 3/4 inch breaker bar and I have had 40mm+ sockets on that with 8ft of scaffold pole on the end for more lever and me swinging on the end of it , never given it an issue it’s still on the original pin .

Shame at least a quarter of the set is imperial sizes which not fully obsolete but close enough …

Not when you need to deal with american machinery it’s not , pussypillar can still be prone to the occasional odd size .

If you have the need for these then no not an issue but for modern things its a bit of a blow … hmm sadly my old elora af set does have its occasional outing on good old pre 1980 jcbs and perkins engines … hmm I can remember it being the metric kit being the one hardly used …

It’s handy to have the odd sizes when dealing with fucked stuff too , if the metric **** ain’t fitting no more , batter an imperial onto it with a hammer :smiley:

Triumph in their wisdom or by sheer accident specified the Bonne’ rear wheel axle with a 19 mm bolt head and 24 mm nut.

My weapons of choice for chain adjustment being my old Eloria 100 open enders 3/4" & 15/16" AF

I got carried away and went I to Halfords the other day, and now have there advanced ratchet spanner set. doubt I’ll ever use them though :D:D

Which is the best deal? (Prices as going to press) This is for the Professional Socket and Ratchet Spanner Set.

(Halfords Advanced Professional)

120 £74.99
150 £94.99
170 £109.99

Is more pieces better? What’s best for a basic starter kit?

Cheers, Chris.

What kind of work do you do? Do you have a trade card? I got the 120 and had to add a couple of bits like an 18" breaker bar and a socket for the steering stem nut, and a 2 piece adapter set (1/2 female to 3/8 male and reversed). Where abouts are you based?

What have you got already? How muchmmoney do you have?

The 150 piece kit has been doing the rounds here for a while and people seem to be happy with it.

If starting from scratch it may be best getting that and a decent set of screwdrivers.