Halfords Automatic Battery Charger for Cars and Bikes 29.99

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Halfords Automatic Battery Charger for Cars and Bikes


ive got one and it works fine, the clip wires are a bit short but nothing to worrey about.
It does buss a bit though. its quite fast. It might fail to charge battries that are completly dead though, as it seems to detect something in the battery before it starts charging.
Ive got an old battery for my bike that shows some voltage on the multimeter but the charger refuses to supply charge to it. Its part of the charger protection system.
I dont think its something to worrey about because if you get to that stage you battery is probably nackered anyway.
Its worked for me several times on my car and used it on my bike without the datatool going haywire when connected.

You can buy a battery charger in Wilkinson for £9.99! It works ok with cars and bikes…