Half price Castrol GTX in Tesco

Part synthetic 10/40 or 15/40 £6 for two litres. Good bargain for older bikes. On the shelves now!

10W40 Semi Synthetic is OK for Newer Bikes too isn’t it?

This one yeah? http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=258777480
Isn’t that car oil, which has stuff in it that’s bad for your clutch? I was always told to go for specific bike oil… no?

Ah, I don’t know about new fangled bikes. Mine has a dry clutch. Best to research before using.

But if you’ve got a dry clutch, like some older bikes and Dukes, then the type of oil will not affect the clutch.

I see. That makes sense.

Just no good for me. :frowning: