Half price AA breakdown cover to my 'fiends'

offer ends 31st Jan, call 0800 048 0075

quote ref ‘F1150’

cheers mate I’m a total breakdown cover fiend

Does AA do accident recovery? I know they haven’t always done it thats why I’ve always gone the RAC route

Then you’ll be disappointed when you need it.

We went the RAC route as we thought they did accident recovery but no - they’ll only recover you from an accident if someone else is at fault. If you just crash because you crashed … then it’s £75 call out fee and £2 per mile.

That’s what you get for not reading the small print though I guess …


Ahhh thanks for pointing that out.

AA picked my bike up, remember Daniel? That should’ve technically be accident recovery without influence from a third party

Yeah but you didn’t tell them that. You just said you were riding along and it broke lol

nah, did mention the bike crashed, and was no probs :slight_smile:

I’m prob going to do it regardless as it will only be £15 for the basic bike cover

I have just renewed my AA membership and when i first got it they wanted £172, so i said i am leaving to the RAC then they reduced it to £92. Why did they not give me that price in the first place.