Hair Stylists/Dressers

Just getting my barnet chopped and the bloke says “hey boss, your eyebrows are very long, let me trim for you like we do with old men” :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

So i had them trimmed! :D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D i wasnt gonna say anything :smiley:

Just wait till he starts with your ear hair. You old fart :smiley:

Welcome to adulthood, must have been a good feeling walking home from the barbers knowing you’d finally become a man? :slight_smile:

…or nose hair :smiley:

err… :blush:

I drove :smiley:

Im a big boy now! :stuck_out_tongue:

did they offer to cut all the grey ones out as well lewis:P

Old pal of mine use to go to a Turkish place where they use a firey stick thing to get rid of ear hair!

Sure that smelt lovely, burning ear hair!

I go to a Turk one. Yep it smells horrible! Does a great job though lol

What do you mean “or”?

Never quite understood why hair gets more random as you get older.

Lost most from the top of my head but the sideburns need constant pruning. Don’t ask about the ear and nose hair. The chest stuff is positively luxuriant. The pubes… No, enough!

Anyone know why this stuff happens to blokes later in the voyage of discovery?

yup…i get the burning stick in my lug holes…and just outside that flappy bit of the ear too…

ive noticed of late the expression on my face in that big mirror you sit infront of aswell…i dont look like a pretty sight atall…



That wouldnt be Toggy and Ossies in Crayford would it Lewis?

haha, you had it done there too? :D:D

Well, i could do, as it seems i can grown more out my ears than on my head lately :smiley:

pmsl, not good mate :smiley:

Mother Nature is so cruel, the one place you want hair - it falls out. Everywhere else grows like wildfire. I too suffer from Lewis’s eye brow problem. SHE tries to pull them out when i’m either sleeping or not concentrating - not nice. You women are sadists…

So it was you we heard screaming the other night??? :smiley:

I was very suspicious with this eyebrow trimming deal but its 100% better. Seriously well chuffed (as much as you can be with your eyebrows) :stuck_out_tongue:
Number1 on the trimmer and go at it from both angles. sorted.