These bags, would you use them if your boss gave them to you? :hehe:



Hmmm - well if I did, I wouldn’t carry them on the bike and I’d make sure I wore a matching yellow florescent builder’s jacket. Oh and speak with an accent that isn’t quite RP, but also isn’t quite deepest darkest Green Isle, either…

Are they by Paul Smith?

C’mon Alex…

Tell the truth, you bought them cos they caught your eye, now trying to palm off the decision onto your boss… :smiley:

Definitely not! They would clash with my pashmina. :kiss:

lmao - Steve W. where are you! :hehe:

They did get a lot of attention at BM now didn’t they:w00t::smiley:

  1. No

  2. The stripes look a bit like a barcode and may carry subversive messages - you wouldn’t know what you were carrying around:w00t:

Alex ur so mean! Leave poor Steve alone! :stuck_out_tongue: Be nice :slight_smile:

Oh and Steve if ur reading this i got u a hat :slight_smile:

Does it match his bags!! :laugh:

I like Steve - he is a top bloke - always lots of fun and knows not to take it seriously :wink:

try johnny h they will go wel with his 80s outfit:D

Yes! I would! :cool:

They look like Paul Smith Bags - well its got his trademark design so yes! :smiley:

Nah its a St Patricks Day hat that i nicked from my m8s pub :slight_smile:

I’d use it:D tis my sort of bag;)

I sat there jaw-dropped at the ragging he got for those! Some true feminine brutality was flying in there, I thought he coped admirably :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit. This place is about having fun, and laughing things off.

Talking of which, how’s the dude with the green Z1000, I didn’t know who he was?

Hope the bike wasn’t damaged too badly. :pinch:

Must say … I saw it and thought of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Am pulling alex’s leg :wink:
Plus Steve needs his green hat :smiley: