Hagon shocks

very impressed with their quick turnaround :slight_smile:

I aint sure about those shocks . My mate has had his redone under warranty 4 times now . They dont quibble the warranty and it works fine when it works … But is it worth the hassle … Would a more expensive shock that lasts be more convenient ?

Dunno what your mate is doing to his, but the one on my 1200 Bandit is at least 10 years old & still working fine.

Have heard of a few problems with Hagon shocks leaking (but their wheel rebuilds are brillinat) , I went for a bespoke Maxton and its really good.

so far so good, and i know im only 2 days into it but it seems well solid compared to my old stock shock

Fitted a Hagon to my FJ1200 and it was aces. Really good supple ride on that heavy old beast. Worth the money and great to have the warranty as well.

I had a Hagon on my old Bandit. Peice of Junk. Leaked was just crap. I went back to a standard shock.

How do you know when yer old shock is fecked beyond redenption?

it looses all damping, and/or it leaks oil (the shock, not the engine :wink: )

When my shock started to get tired recently, under power out of corners it wouldn’t hold the line and the back end would bounce up and down to a detectable amount.

Oh, and Matt told me it was…