Hagon Mono Shock

Just replaced the original 18 year old pogo stick on my FJ1200 with a Hagon Mono Shock. Makes a huge difference and is so much better! 2 year warranty, rebuildable and excellent quality. I’ve been informed by my FJClub that these are over engineered and surpass the requirements! So my heavy beast is handling ever so much more sweetly, which is great, especially giving the conditions I was riding in around London today.

Replacing the shock took all of an hour and was very straight forward. Nice to be able to do the work myself and get it sorted.

www.hagon-shocks.co.uk is the place to get them from. Free UK delivery.

They are great value for money aren’t they, I’ve had one on the Bandit (along with a set their fork springs) for the last 5.5 years & it’s still working fine.

…and they rebuild them when they wear out - excellent customer service from them!