Had all my kit nicked

Just got back from what started as a pleasant evening in Londinium.

Returned to the bike (ST1100 Pan European in Old Man Burgandy )to find that some low life had nicked my top box and forced the panniers open. Bike was parked in Lavington Street in the bike bay at the Southwark Street end. This happened sometime between 7 & 11pm

I am now poorer to the the tune of

2 piece Wolf leathers - black & well worn - wiz sliders - right one well scuffed - left one virgin :blush:
1 Shoei XR1000 lid - black with scala rider headset
1 Pair Red Alpine stars SP2 gloves (XL)
1 Pair Red Sidi Vertigo boots size 11/45(??)
1 Pair of trainers (random cheap french trainers)
1 dark visor and oxford visor bag
1 tom tom rider 2 and mount
1 Black Givi E45 top box with sissybar pillion pad
Both parts of my driving licence

Luckily a top top man was there with me in town with bike kit who rode the Pan home for me (I’m sure for dignity reasons he won’t want to be named and shamed as having ridden a pan :slight_smile: . Although I was reliably informed that he’d smoked a blade on the way back to mine on it good lad :slight_smile: )

Lesson learnt? Pay £3 for NCP? Or just stick with my New Years resolution that anywhere within the M25 is a no go area!!! Not bothered about the money side of it, it’s the aggravation & inconvenience that annoys me more tbh.

All this pails into insignificance compared to the night had by another Pan rider who was on the deck on the M25 between J7 & 8 - Stopped the car to offer assistance, but the ambulance turned up before we got back to the rider. Hope he’s ok, puts my annoyance into perspective somewhat. looked like he’d been rear ended by a red metro or similar, luggage, rider and bike all had 150metres between them.

The bike was quite distinctive having “26” in race style numbering on the screen.

What [email protected] mate.

what bus turds! that area of southwark seems to be a dangerous one, I remember reading of a couple of bikes going missing there!

keep an eye on ebay :ermm:

That is a horrible experience. I don’t think I’d be quite as ‘apparently’ calm and reconciled with it as you.

Oh mate!

That’s just toilet:angry:

Will you be covered under your insurance for all this stuff as it was locked away on your scoot?


I hope the other Pan rider is OK, sounds like a nasty off

That’s crap :frowning: someone must have seen them doing this as well!!

Hope the rider down on the M25 is ok!

Gutted for you mate…

In addition to fleabay, check gum tree… a mate in my office had his bike nicked and was looking on gum tree and see a fella selling two bikes like the one’s that had been nicked with the same number but two different names, so check to see if there is ANY kit on there like yours and get calling… he organised a sting with the city police and they busted the fella, had a dozen more bikes in his flat!

Scum of the earth!

thats total cack mate, gutted for you surely someone musta seen it happen

Sorry to hear this mate! Hope some good comes out of this for you.

That is really rubbish, sorry to hear that :angry:

what a sh!te mate sorry to hear that, don’t forget to report to the DVLA that your licence was taken, as you could end up with people taking money out in your name and that…

Pikey scum!! Would you just love to catch them in the act!!

Sometimes I feel that we’re just targets, for thieves, cagers, grumpy cops and the law-makers. Bad deal m8, hope the claim is easy.

Hope the rider on the M25 is ok too.

Sorry about that mate. Confirmed… Southwark is a shite area to park a motorbike period. Had my gixer stolen from near Southwark station.

I hope you can get some resolution on the kit and bits fixed…

Well it would seem that my kit is not covered at all… nor my stolen satnav or top box… nor the damage to the bike… Marvellous. All so some junkie scum can sell what will cost £1500-£2000 to replace for a £100 fix… Still on the plus side I’m getting the bike dusted on Monday, even if it doesn’t get my stuff back hopefully they’ll nail the little scroat at some point, but not holding my breath.

*****! :frowning:

I wouldn’t leave anything in a bike around there.

I sometimes use the two bays on that street and it is a bit quiet down there. Ideal for some pieky twat to rob stuff.

Just checked up on the last ditch policy that might pay out, and no go. Never mind, all down to experience. Perhaps worth checking your own insurance for luggage/clothing cover - doesn’t take much for it to be an expensive bill.

It would seem that if i claimed that I accidently dropped a bag with my bike kit off a bridge into the Thames then I could have claimed on my house contents insurance… Having it nicked - unless according to my policy that it was in a “concealed luggage compartment” is not covered - guess that means that under seat is ok, but apparently Top box/panniers are not???

One thing worth noting is that “clothing/helmet” cover apparently does not generally cover theft, just accident damage.

Much of my kit was in need of replacement anyway, so not the end of the world really, but do check out where you stand with your own cover (or lack thereof).

P.S. Anyone gets offered any of this gear, let me know. Ta… :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear ya story, it really is horrible having stuff nicked and your doing well to look at the very dim bright side. Least ya still got ya bike…? They must of watched ya putting stuff away to know there was stuff in there?

Oh to of caught one of the buggers doing it…

Wot a sh1tter m8, use to work just round corner backs onto to ewer st.

To tell ya truth didnt think was that bad specially where you parked, quite open and office staff always standuign about nr there.

Did you go round to chasbikes and ask if they had been offered stuff? remember its school holidays too.

Forgot to say, planty of cameras on that car park for the office block there.