Had a little whoopsie this arvo... warning, BLOOD!

now kids, if you decide to push your bike up a kerb make sure the side stand is up. Then you don’t get it caught and skin your shin when you kick the f… footpeg

Dangerous these motor sickles in the wrong hands…

gawwd should be a warning about your legs…

yeah but what hangs beside it is like a babies arm holding an apple

Take the kid off your lap and put them back in their buggy then!

Is that it you wuss.

Yes that is it. Sorry to disappoint you. You are obviously one of those people that like to see other people hurt. That is as close as I want to get to having an accident on my bike.

I’ve had bigger cuts shaving

You Big baby lol

oh and I had a slight graze on my knee…

(I made that last bit up)

Why are people so interested in seeing pictures of other people’s accidents?? Yes, I was not being serious!

Now that`s more like it.