Had a Great Time at Soho Last Night

Last night was great at Soho,

It was a good turn out and I got a chance to meet a few of u guys ( thanks for coming over and saying hello), although we sat up the road a bit, we enjoyed the antics of certain individuals and made superb entertainment from where we was sitting - Thanks Guys.

Look forward to seeing u all soon and getting to meet more of u

Have a good Xmas


Was a great turn out have to say very good fun!

Was nice to meet you mate

Last night was a great laught.

Have a good christmas mate

yeah, it was nice to meet you sticky.

Merry christmas to u and your family

Liked your rolling burn outs dude!

Nice one Sticky! Take it easy over Christmas, see you out there again soon…

It was a laugh, reminded me of the how it was there about 10 years ago.