Had a great ride home which somehow convinced me to say "Hello" here

Can’t quite get my head round it but there it is.

I’m the little chap hoofing it about on the white MSX, mainly rocking it on the A40. First bike, two and a half months in.

if you don’t know what the msx is then clicky,

If I’ve cut you up (I always throw a lifesaver but I’ve been caught out once so far),
slowed your progress,
got up your ass a little revvy (cos I can squeeze through gaps you wouldn’t dream of),
shouted at you coz you cut up an ambulance,
pulled an inadvertent endo in front of you coz a nasty scooter cut me up and braked (sp?) at the same time,
laughed maliciously at you as you skid those 10 feet past the lights in the first couple of minutes of a downpour (shitty roads getting all slippery on us),
you know, a whole two months of London learner riding.

Then I humbly doff my cap, lower my head to the requisite 90 degrees of shame and apologise profusely.

Well, now that’s taken care of we should be all good.

I’m hopefully not that shitter on the L-plates and endeavour to not be a massive prat. I’ve been a central London cyclist for 6 years now so getting used to the extra speed is fun.
2mountain, 1Foldup, 2*hybrid all nicked, recently been on Boris bikes, crappy but cheaper than buying a new one each year.

Been infolurking here for a bit and see you do meetups and ride-outs and whatnot, noticed a 125 one recently which if its a reoccurring thing and lines up with the diary I reckon I’ll be introing in the flesh on one of them. Other than that I’ll be pretty crap with getting involved like i see some of you do, though I will be butting in every so often now i’m all registered.

Expect me.



welcome aboard tabs. :slight_smile:

Nice intro, welcome to LB, Tabs. 125 rideouts do seem to happen fairly regularly so keep an eye on the “Ride Outs, Meets & Events” section.

Yep nice intro - welcome!

Hello and welcome Tabs - very entertaining intro and cool looking bike.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hey hey hey

Hello Tabs, welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome to LB

Hi and welcome!


welcome to LB

im still using my varadero 125 2 years on. 125s are great for commuting and im in no rush to go bigger now. though my CBT expires in Dec. I have a Fista (cage) to use for winter too

Welcome. Like the intro- goes with the light-hearted bike. Seen a yellow one ridden by a very tall bloke- I nearly crashed- it looked hilarious. :slight_smile: