Had a "discussion" with a mobile phone user...

wagging finger (lol!) and grabbing the phone…i’m gonna try these next!

I began revving my exhaust right next to a guy on a phone with his window down the other day (idea also from someone on here-thanks v much!) but I don’t think he got it - brainless moron!

Get a louder exhaust and wind it so you are bouncing it off the rev limiter.

Not on my DRZ, sounds like a winded monkey!


I think I might have ridden home with you last night or possibly earlier this week, do you have a custom akropovic exhaust? I’m on a black F650 see avatar.

From the sounds of it we tackle the same route down from Highgate to Angel, I love Liverpool Rd, can’t understand the fools who go the difficult way via Highbury Corner, oddly it takes EXACTLY the same amount of time.

As for mobile phone users, I saw a classic last night, both hands on the wheele, but phone tucked between ear and shoulder his head was at about 70 degrees.

I agree about the lorry drivers, surely they’re the people who are least like to want to loose their license if their caught, yet are happy navigating busy high streets with 1 and and half the attention it deserves.


Coach drivers, LGV drivers etc are in even MORE bother if they use the phone while driving…

They cannot be issued a ticket and HAVE to go to court.

Anyway, should all change next year when it becomes an ENDORSEABLE offence (Woohoo!)

they won’t use them then as that is one STUPID way to get points…

On a side note be VERY CAREFUL if you want to start ripping phones from people’ ears…

To summarise, If someone was yakking on a phone and you rip it from them and lob it smashing into a thousand smithereens, fine…


If they report it to Police you WILL end up getting nicked for criminal Damage…

And they will quite happily admit to using the phone if the worst case scenario is a £30 fine…still doesn’t justify smashing up a £200 phone…

THINK about it before you do it…is it really worth it?

I was thinking about this topic as I rode in this morning… I normally try to stay focused on the road but I found myself distracted by the sheer number of phone wielding motorists. I sometimes wish the police didn’t have the monopoly on enforcement. I’d love to pull up alongside a caged one on his/her phone and demand £30…

Not me I am afraid, I am hankering after an Akro though. Soooooo nice but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive!

I found this rather effective on more than one occasion. Had a Hindle full race exhaust system on my SV, it set off car alarms and there is no chance that they could hear anything on the mobile we me next to them!! The CCC on my CBR isn’t quite as loud but is nearly as effective

Yesterday night, coming round Trafalgar Square, heading for Westminster Bridge (I suppose it’s Westminster Bridge, I dunno what they’re all called ), I was cut up by a city yuppie ar*ehole on a Vespa. Wearing a suit, almost wearing a helmet (was perched on top of his head), not done up (obviously). He was clutching a cigarette in his throttle hand and had his mobile to his ear with the left hand.

I’ve never seen anything like it before. I was gobsmacked! He was weaving all over the frigging place, in and out of traffic… so I kept my distance a couple of cars length back.

Finally we drew up to a set of red lights. I flipped my visor up and looked at him in disbelief. He goes “hang on mate, there’s some bird looking at me…”, talks to me and says “awright daaaaahlin?” He was obviously boozed up or drugged up or both because his speech was slurred and I don’t think he knew which “me” too focus on (I’m a big gal, but I’m not that big!!).

I was so shocked I couldn’t actually say anything. I just sat there doing a goldfish impression and managed a shake of my head as he pulled off from the lights in a line which resembled a zigzag.

Madness… sheer bloody madness

I do the same thing , some of you have heard my exhaust <BG>