Had a close call

I have had an interesting evening

I thought I would start commuting on the 125 seeing as I am not selling it anymore

I decided to practice the route to work and back. On the way there the bike kept stalling. It finally died to on Camden High Street so I called the AA who came to sort out.

I finally found my place of work and was on the trip back home.

I was in Camden again before entering into St Johns Wood when I noticed this guy tailing me even though he could see there was a car right in front of me. I thought I had better let the nutter go past. He screeched past me almost taking me off but he missed the vehicle coming out of the junction and there was an almighty crash and I had to come to an emergency stop.

2 things to note here, they were both at fault. The STUPID girl for pulling out without looking and the guy for going over the appropriate speed and generally being an impatient arsehole and trying to overtake 2 vehicles.

I am not going to sit here and say I am fine as I was truly sh@tting myself and still am. If I had not let him over take me, that girl would have hit me and the impact would at least have broken my right leg and possibly thigh.

I feel like sh@t

SH!T Chocfawn im so glad you let that arse drive by and got home safe its a real F’d up jungle out there, you get used to it, its gets easier and you didn’t break that leg so, chill out with a glass of wine some wine gums and do it all again tomorrow… Tomorrow will be a MUCH better day I promise

better get the kettle on… if you haven’t got anything harder to hand.

Sounds like a close call that… v lucky!

god it all happens to you chocfawn!!

The thing is they were both blaming it on each other and I was thinking “hello!!! u are both at fault”.

There MUST have been someone from LB there, there were so many bikers hanging around!!!

…but why did you brake down - its a realitivley new bike??? - did you forget to put petrol in it - and hope we all forgot about that part!!

Lucky escape - but good you remembered your riding lessons!!

no it had fuel but because i hate the bike so much, i stopped riding it for 1.5 mths and then suddenly decided today. However because I reckoned no one would have touched it, I failed to do the relevant checks

The AA said a wire was almost completely loose

TBH I tend to be a bit of an a@shole when cars are trying to overtake especially with L Plates on and I speed up. Today I decided to play it cool and let him go.

It all happened in slow motion. The impact sent the girls vehicle into another road

How could she not have checked her mirrors??? Christ!

All of you who commute on a daily basis, I applaud you

it certainly sounds very eventful! god your life is much more eventful than mine!


I didn’t know it was you!

You changed your name. Aren’t you on a Fazer anymore?

Nice avatar!!

YES IM THE NEW WESTIE! i still have the fazer, and the varadero and now i have also bought a Honda Deauville.

so why are you not selling the bike now? x

main sale fell thru due to police interruptions


Blimey choc, take care of yourself eh? And well done for keeping your calm!! I think I would have pulled over and fallen off!

Choc fawn

Gutted to hear this -

but glad to see you are ok!!!

Glad to hear you’re okay though - looks like the angels were out for you that day.

When ever I have a close call like that ( and I’ve had a few ) I always remember Winston Churchill’s words ( yes really ) when a bullett wizzed over him missing him by inches…

“There is nothing more satisfying than being shot at with no result”

well he never rode a bike as far as I know…

ps. whenever I get some hot-shot pratt in a car behind me I always go out of m way to let him pass me ( I never used to but that’s old age for you ) I know I’m gonna overtake him at the next lights anyway so ley him go - once he’s in front of me he can’t do me much damage.

Take care

no how you feel man once this old lady pulled out on me (she was comming frmo a minor road onto major road where I was comming along) I eventually stopped with my front wheel pressed against her door… and of course it was my fault she pulled out I should have known she was going to do it seeing as she pulled across my lane and had no where to go as the other side was choco with traffic…

Moral of the story watch out for old people… It will always be your fault

In acting the way you did, you have already proven yourself to be a far more sensible biker then most of us, some of us might have deliberately rode in his way and slowed down. Its not you they are annoyed with its the fact they are stuck behind a learner. Thier porblem not yours.

To be honest Weaver they were both screaming at each other for a few minutes then everyone me got impatient and rather than stand around and try to pacify them I thought it was safer to move away as it was a particularly busy junction.

I am not entirely sure they knew anything about the rules of the road as they both appeared foreign. Obviously I am foreign to but I have bothered to check what the rules are and blah blah.

I got home and walked across to my uncle’s place, he is a biker too, and got some food and etc He reminded me that I do not drive at all and rarely had any business on the road until I started riding 2 months ago so I will not be quite used to the reactions of other motorists and silly things they do.

The commute in was good today though!!! Politeness and consideration all around

ChocFawn, good skills. It takes a lot of self control to let prats like that past. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and smile at the God’s of justice that both of the car drivers got their just deserts. Never nice to see a crash no matter how much of a numpty the prat was but…

“I got home and walked across to my uncle’s place, he is a biker too, and got some food and etc He reminded me that I do not drive at all and rarely had any business on the road until I started riding 2 months ago so I will not be quite used to the reactions of other motorists and silly things they do.”

Your Uncle is right in as much as if u drive a car yourself, u can have SOME understanding of other car drivers and the way they think which helps on a bike? (car drivers have NO idea the extra awareness us bikers have to have on the roads, they just cant fathom it cos they think they own the road cos we are on two wheels they are on four? DOH !!)

On Monday i was on my way to meet AbbeyJ and Oggy? we were going Ace…i came up to the beckton roundabout, had to go left then quick right to meet up at the B&Q carpark Beckton? Some jerk (and i MEAN effing JERK!) came speeding round the roundabout as i was indicating to make the right turn, on my RIGHT side and i swear if i had put my hand out i would have been able to hold on to his ****ty car and let him pull me along, then crossed over in FRONT of me and went STRAIGHT up, crossing over the filter lane to turn right that i was in the right lane for…this prick was SO close to me and the bike i could have shagged him !! how we missed each other i do not know…and that was only my 3rd/4th time on my bike since having it all repaired and me being able to ride again…bearing in mind, my leg is nowhere near 100% yet?..this knobhead would have taken my right leg off completely anyway !!!

After that i had to ride to ace with the others…all the way thinking why the hell am i bothering on these crappy roads?..its no wonder other bikers use a older bike for getting about on and take the faster ones on the tracks…cos track racing is SAFER !!!

Glad u are ok Choccy baby !!! PLEASE keep up that kind of observation when on your new bike???