Hackney Parking Charges (again!)

Hackney is bringing back the proposal to charge for MC parking - on 27th March. They now propose that the charge will be £10 a day.
The link below takes you to more info and the option to click on a link and send a mail to all the Hackney Councillors. We need a lot of objections to go in, so please share the link with your riding friends so that as many objections go in as possible.


'kin outragious.

And commuters only allowed to park in Shoreditch/Hoxton.
And in spite of a lot of interaction from MAG, with up to date data from government statistics source about bike emissions etc they are steadfastly ignoring the facts (ie how little the effect of MCs is due to so few on the road c. 1% of all traffic).

email link on that page is not working.

I’m all for fighting this one I work in hackney, I’m not against paying but £10 a day is ridiculous when the likes of Westminster charge £1 a day!

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Oh yes it is /pantomodeoff

Right click the link, from the drop down menu select ‘copy email addresses’, paste into your email.

How that’ll work on a tablet or mobile I don’t know.

Good spot, although @TCP needs to be fixed as many will not know that and most will do this on a mobile phone.

@TCP +1 it needs fixing if you want it to gather any momentum. I didn’t know how that worked and I don’t know why I right clicked it but there it was.