Ever expericed hacking? Ever had to deal with it? Ever hacked a site in your computer science course?

Come on Gabs, what have you tried to do now and need a hand with ;):stuck_out_tongue:

is this why Londonbikers was down for a few minutes!! :hehe: :w00t:

The blackhats keep me in a job, so I’ve no complaints. If they do a really elegant hack on us at work, I’m liable to be impressed. Last time that happened was about 6 years ago when the main website was defaced through a known Sun Solaris telnet vulnerability (which I had previously been assured by the admin was patched). Brazilians, came in via a compromised server in a Turkish university. Ah, those were the days :slight_smile:

Lol. No - just another forum I use is currently down as a result of some group that think theyre really clever.

A load of info we might need for the weekend is on there and there are updates on the progress of a mate of mine in hospital that I want to read.

Normally I try not to influence my polls, but I guess by telling you above, you can see what I think…

My ex is the CTO of Safeboot (now part of McAfee) - and boasts an uncrackable code for PCs and mobile data - he does the mainframes for the US Government too - maybe I should put you in touch :slight_smile:

That’s not clever, that’s kids using a known exploit :D, there are lists of these exploits all over the net, bit of savvy is all it takes to use them to hack anything that’s not patched and protected. I get loads of probes from all over the world, lots from Israel, you can complain to their ISP (usually a university) but get nothing back, they don’t care, only way to make them care is for Linx to start blocking their routes but that’s not going to happen, bunch of free speech libertarians :w00t::cool::wink:

Ah but Steve, they had done their homework and tried to hide their tracks. True, it was a known exploit but someone knew the port was open on that server and the telnet version. If they hadn’t tried to ftp their brag page direct from Brazil (blocked, so that failed), we prolly would have thought it was the Turks hehe.Gabs, looks a nice product but our place has no money at the moment, we can’t buy anything til November now… and as ever, security is right down the list :(Most of the bad incoming for us is from China these days. It has worsened recently, for one very good reason I can’t discuss. Why Israel for you, Steve?

My big brother does that can of ‘work’. He flies round the world lecturing and hacking ethically.

can I call my lawyer first b4 answering?:wink:

If it is harmless then they can write their own ticket with the AV companies etc. If it’s taking people for a ride or effing about with medical stuff then the punishment isnt harsh enough.

There’s good hacking, bad hacking, and things in between. Of course, a person’s definition of good / bad is subjective.

Personally, anything that’s left vulnerable or is sensitive should be locked down and if not, well it’s the same as leaving your house unlocked. It shouldn’t get robbed, but it does.

I too have been on a forum that was taken down, and we lost about 3 years’ of posts. Pointless and very annoying - the attacker gained nothing more than a giggle - but had the server been patched it would have been fine. I know who I blame.

edit: it is at this moment I become acutely aware I have a URL in my sig.

People who hack into other LBers accounts and get caught reading their PM’s are cvnts IMO:pinch:

Depends… if it’s a proof of concept (white hat) then they should be commended really for proving a vulnerability. If it’s mindless destruction of scamming innocent people, then I’m not so supportive…

Look at that fella from Wood Green, FFS you’d think the american military would be happy to PAY him for exposing their weak security, but instead we have the trigger happy gung-ho american response :doze:

i havent personalty but my brother is a very good hacker!!! so watch out lol :wink:

Just been reading your site there - did you enjoy your trip? Two of my mates are in africa at the min riding down the west coast and that… http://www.2wheels2africa.com/ I’ll have to finish reading your blog when im not in work - defo makes me want to do something like this though!