H2R beats F1 car and F16 in drag race

The race was organized as a part of the aviation, space and technology event called Teknofest, held at the new Istanbul International Airport. The vehicles included a Kawasaki H2R motorcycle, a Tesla P100DL, an Aston Martin New Vantage and a Lotus Evora GT 430.
In addition to these road vehicles, there was a 1,500mph fighter jet and a private jet.


sounds a bid dodge to me. the F1 was doing an awful lot of wheel spin… with its supercomputer traction control :stuck_out_tongue:

The fighter jet looked to be rolling along the runway for longer than needed to imo

It takes a surprising long time to spool up a jet engine from idle

So can we now out to bed the debate over the best bike manufacturer?

Kwaka rules :slight_smile:

To be fair you only have to look at the type of owner to tell they are a more sophisticated, discerning and indeed, better looking bunch.