GZ125x Suzuki for sale £350 or CASH offers

Up for sale is my Mrs Suzuki GZ125x 1999 model No tax or MOT, needs some TLC.
Bad bits:
Doesnt start (Needs new emulsion tube in the carb (easy fix). runs fine when spraying Easy start etc in).
Drive chain needs replacing.
Needs a new battery.
Brakes need a service.
Handle bars are bent (previous owner dropped the bike which bent the bars) -NEW APE HANGER BARS ARE INCLUDED.

Comes with a few spares (Handle bars/scorpion exhaust/oil filter and what ever bits I have for it.

Looking for £350 or sensible offers
Located in Angel (North London)
(Currently SORN)

Bump, I forgot I hadn’t sold this! :pinch: