Gyroscopic cameraon a S1000RR

how can anyone that doesnt ride bikes not want to after seeing this!! brilliant!

oh sweet baby jebus, that’s goooood. shame about the music though, would have prefered to hear the bike

I just watched the pictures

Now I want Sex! Phwoaaaaaar!

thats a great camera and good riding!!

i must be the only person who doesn`t like this camera set-up… it reminds me of the camera position on tourist trophy on the ps2 which wa rubbish

lets have a go :smiley:

Computer shite versus REAL LIFE TILT SWITCH?!? wow, the future has really taken over already, life isn’t as much fun as computer games… we’re doomed! :smiley:

that vid ACTUALLY happened, it wasn’t just pixels flitting through a graphics card ok…

Its crazy how much lean that thing gets! Nice to see the front of the bike to give you a perspective as on motogp you see if facing backwards and dont always get the good effect!

I think it loses a lot with the gyro cam. Better to see the whole world banking!! :smiley:

Nice vid!:cool: Does where the inside of the screen look a lil’unfinished at the top for a bike of this quality…or is this weight saving?:blink:

Track day anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Great vid!!!

I concur :smiley: