Gymnastics was NEVER so cool

Holy cow, this guy is addictive!

Damien Walters Vaults Off Moving Car - Watch more Funny Videos

Now that was cool.


the one that he jumps backwards over those large green things was well impressive !

awesome! I’ve always been into gymnastics but seeing it made ‘cool’ is great! This guy should be in movies :hehe:

I think every Police Man should be able to do these:D

was alright I guess, but to be honest I used to go out with a british gymnast so nothing that stood out there for me.

agree with the comment about making it look a little cooler though certainly did that.

so, what… instead of walking down the street hand in hand, you walked while she jumped,bounced and hurled herself around!?! :w00t:

thats was wicked could you imagine the police trying to catch him lol :smiley:

lol something like that! gymnasts are fantastic on polls as well:w00t:

Oh FFS sort you’re life out.

energy sought after fit guy i"ll show my little one that vid she does gymnastics herself only just turned 5 not joking she does handstands and cartwheels in ASDA :hehe::hehe: MAD as i was as a child but lovely :slight_smile:

Uber cool guy… and pretty hot too :stuck_out_tongue:

that guy is freaking ripped! very impressive stuff too

How many times do you need to hurt yourself before you can do that I wonder…