Does anyone go to this gym? I re-joined back in February and have been neglecting it a bit.

Would be good to have a gym buddy and I’m preferably looking for someone who likes boxing/fighting who is willing to spar; won’t apologise every time they punch me; won’t expect an apology when I punch them etc…! Oh and if you’ve been overdoing it on booze and fags for the last 6 months that’s an added bonus because my fitness level is at an all time low for those reasons!!

Where are you based? I’ve got some gloves and would like to do a bit of sparring! :w00t:

I live near Manor House. The gym is in Leicester Sq but nothing stopping public parks etc being used as a boxing ring. Gumshield and gloves are the only essentials…!

Will pm you if i can get the time off! :wink:

I’m a member there but have just moved to new York. There are lots of boxing classes on that you can spar in. I used to spar wednesday lunchtimes in Ashleigh’s class. Not sure of it’s changed now though. There’s a great class on Tuesday mornings with robin too.

i used to work with a guy who went down there, said it was a good place to train.

nothing like an old skool boxing gym though