GWS Jarrod

Well, as you all know, Jarrod had a bit of a nasty one yesterday. I won’t go into details as thats not my Place to comment on the actual Accident as i was fortunate enough not to acttually witness it, but basically he went into the back of a Tractor Trailor on the Hanningfiled Loop. The bike was a bit broken up but he came off worse. The Paramedics said it was a Broken Collar Bone and a Broken Foot. Luckily enough there were plenty of LBers out with him and we all stayed with him whilst waiting for the Ambulance. Unfortunately we had to wait almost 3 hours for it to arrive!! Luckily a passing Policeman stopped and helped keep us all safe from passing traffic, then waited with us for the Ambulance.
What was really nice to see, and i know Jarrod (Although off his Tits on Gas & Air) was really chocked up by, was how we all stuck together as a little Family, the girls took it in turns to comfort him and the Blokes took it in turns to take the piss out of him!! it was really good to see, and no one moaned that he spoilt our day lol, only kidding mate. It was a proper community spirtit and was really warming to know that if it ever happened again we would all pull together to look out for one another.

Anyway, hurry up and get better mate and we will all see you for a Pint when you are up and about again.

don’t worry Jarrod, I’ll look after your mum

Get well soon Jarrod.

GSW mate.

GWS Jarrod. Hope the op goes well.

GWS mate… indeed the LB family are great in these situations… I’ve been on the receiving end a couple of times! :smiley:

That 3hr wait is pretty astonishing and worrying but now make sure you take all the nhs has to offer…

Get well soon mate. If you’re in hospital for any length of time, get yourself a hat. When the hot nurse comes in, throw it on the floor so she has to bend over and pick it up… it’ll help you pass the time :wink:


Get well soon. Broke my collarbone in January, painful for a few weeks but it will get better quickly after that, and you can join the sticky-outty-bone club, unless you got it plated :wink:

Timmy has just taken over from Mian as being the LB perv… :smiley:

Gws. …lesson for all this time of year farm machinery is out in abundance.

Serrisan - Yeah, I’d say I was his apprentice. It takes a special kind of sex pest to say they would “look after” someones’ mum. Ha!

GWS Jarrod, crap news…

Get well soon mate !!

it was very nice to see indeed. i think it did him a lot of good keeping him company for that insanely long period of time, i think he was in agony towards the end before the paramedics came and gave him some drugs.
i think the police officer was quite happy to be in our company and get entertained by our mockery.
also i’ve learned its very important to bring snacks with you! me and Bob almost crashed as we had nothing to eat, so big thank you to the lady who kindly gave us the chocolate bars :smiley:

hope to see you up and running very soon Jarrod.

GWS Mate! Lots of best wishes from afar- if you want a bed for recovery in the countryside, let me know.

It was good to see the crew stick together, and I was in stitches watching Jarrod druged up saying “YEA!! THIS IS THE SHIT MAN!”


That’s an extreme way of getting out of buying the tea round at Finchingfield!!!

Gws Jarrod, and a big hug to you when I see you next. (Trying to avoid the fubar’d collar bone, obviously x)

GWS Jarrod.

As Rusty says, it’s one of the busiest times of year for agricultural vehicles on the roads - we saw loads more than usual yesterday.

Gws jarrod and not to rub salt in but let people note that once your out of that m25 cordon … 8 minute response time is out of the window … remote bòonies eta go into multiples of that …having grown up in west wales nearest a and e 18miles away with a average response of 1h45 mins for ambulance … go up north wales your doubling that