GWS Cactus

Cactus has had an off between Old Kent Road and E&C, waiting to see orthopedics about his knee, sounds painful.

GWS buddy! Hope they’re giving you good painkillers! 

Jeez, sucky road there. Get well soon dude!

The morphine was just taking the edge of it when I spoke to him earlier. Timmy has gone in to see him.

That’s crap news, gws mate

@ Nivag, Cool, I was planning to go tomorrow if he’s still in - anyone wanna come with? I’ll be heading out after work (about 5pm) 

GWS mate

Oh shit… GWS Adam!!

Oh crap. Hope it’s nothing too major.


He’s with the Dr now. I’m hanging out listening to the PC’s chat about the snake loose in the house of some chap.

Is he at KCH? 

If so I can fully endorse their knee docs!

Nah, he’s at St. Thomas’s.

Fuck knows what it all means...

GWS feeling for you

Holy shit :frowning: get well soon mate much much much love :) 

Timmy, as long as he has the machine that goes beep he’ll be OK :grin:

Mr Mole says “F*ck the screen, we wanna see the knee”

I do not endorse this opinion.

oh no, another one today… GWS! 

He said not to post the knee… I don’t think it’s that bad. No scars but it does look like he is smuggling an emu egg under his knee cap.

He’s had some good drugs but still getting waves of pain. Pussy.

Oh, and he told the nurse he was allergic to me. So I fucked off home.

Technically visiting hours were over as they were taking him up to the ward.

I still fucked off home though!

Gws buddy