Guys im desperate for help!

Im not sure if u guys remember the dissertation help i needed, ive just finished the questionnaire and it will go live on monday. AND i desperatly need more people, i need around 300 and i so far only have 30! So PLEASE give a girl a hand! Please PM me your email if you are interested or have any friends that could help!

The pubs are in Angel Ilsington, Battersea, Ravescourt Park and Bow/Mile End

I wanna say thankyou to the people that have already signed up, emails will be sent soon :slight_smile:

PM sent; if there are cookies involved you can definitely count me in. I can do Battersea.

What course are you doing?

what ever it is can i make it up ???:smiley:

can use me pm sent

Thanx guys :slight_smile:
Any more takers???

Cannot tell you how disappointed I am by this post. The header on the forum page clearly states “Guys im desperate for…” Such a tease!! :wink:

Funny :stuck_out_tongue: U gonna help me?? PLEASE!!!

send me an pm with the link Ally, ps do you need to know which pub we are going to visit?

edit: you could always weight the sample up :wink:

Angel is my area, so if I can help, let me know.

All the best,


Come on guys i really need help!

Ali, I have emailed some friends of ours. They will email me if they can help and I will PM you their email addresses. :slight_smile:

You know I’ll help out

YOU are a star :slight_smile: THANKYOU so much! Seriously thankyou :slight_smile:

Ok those who have given me their emails, an email has been sent.

Right didnt think id have to go so low but those of you who do this, i will start baking more and more! So PLEASE PEOPLE! Ive only got 60 people and i need 240 more! Its only going to a pub!

AND where are all these PROUD Saf londoners who SHOULD be going to The Prince of Wales for me! COME ON PEOPLE!


Ally - must be the case that the majority of LBs don’t live in South London;)

U mean they live on the better side of the river? THE NORTH :smiley:

I’m beginning to think I should retract my offer of help.

“…the better side of the river.”

It’s only better than being in the river!

I’m up in North London, but I do central every so often. Let me know where I should go.
PM sent