Guy videos motorists stopped on hard shoulder on M1 in traffic jam

Brave man…

Good lad! Impressed. I hate people that think they can use the hardshoulder. I doubt anything will happen the the car drivers but they hopefully will think twice next time. I might do the same next time I see this…

Top geezer :laugh:

Sadly people are frequently stupid and ignorant… everyone of them should be ticketed.

Good man, well done him. :slight_smile:

good lad indeed but notice he didn’t have anything sarcastic to say to the 2 fellas at the end!

wonder who’d have been in the right if he’d have been hit by a filtering motorcycle. is it legal to get out of your car and walk around the motorway in a traffic jam?

He is right that people just behave like sheep. I was walking my bike backwards to park it with the rear wheel against a kerb and a taxi darted into the gap between me and the kerb to get past. 3 cars after that did the same even though the gap was smaller each time. They just followed the leader.

t’is ‘human’ nature i suppose. with regards to evolution, the apple clearly hasn’t fallen as far from the tree as we’d hope.

you even see it on here at times. someone posts something up, someone takes the piss, more people take the piss… and so on. someone then reprimands them, then they get support, then they get support… the sooner we all take our heads out our arses and realise we’re just a bunch of stupid animals that aren’t as sophisticated as we’d like to think, the sooner we can carry on with evolving in to something better :smiley:

ahem :Whistling: