Guy rides from Korea... Bike stolen in London...

I saw this on Facebook and I’ve decided to start a justgiving page for the guy so hopefully he can get another MT07.

So he’s rode over 12,500 miles through Russia, from Vladivostok to Moscow…then all over Europe to get to England. How many countless towns and cities…and then he gets robbed in London.

My MT09 was stolen in London in June, so I know how this dude feels…but to imagine it happening in another country and being stranded here…I can’t even imagine. It makes me sick.

He’s been told by the police that they’re too busy…and I can confirm I had the same response when mine was stolen.

Plan A is that he obviously gets his MT07 back, but as his insurance doesn’t cover him for theft…this is the plan B

The link is here if anybody wishes to donate:

I’ve got the ball rolling with £50 - but to be honest I wouldn’t expect others to make donations that big. Every little helps.

I don’t believe this has broken any rules - and I apologise if it is in the wrong section. I just think it would be incredible for the community to help this dude out.

Post right above yours is actually the guy your talking about he’d posted on here.


I’ve thrown in £50. Even if we can’t get to the amount for a full bike, at least we can pay for his plane ticket home.