Guy Martins crash at the TT

WOW…!! how the hell did he came away from that??

loved the quote from the Medics “we cant seem to be able to shut him up yet” :w00t:

GWS Guy!


more photos


saw this on facebook:!/video/video.php?v=436569211994&ref=mf

amazing guy that Guy :smiley:

so glad he walked away from that…could have been a very different story…one of the most charasmatic racers is Guy.

GWS fella! and to Connor Cummins too:)

Doesn’t do anything by halves does he? :w00t:

Do they know what happened? - did he clip something?

Great that he is ok.

That’s one hell of a fireball. about his injuries…

this is what happend…

thanks to Lorenzo on the PB forum.


He is so lucky . . . . Brilliant that he is relatively ok. :slight_smile:

Goodness gracious… great balls of fire!!

Glad he is doing well recovering!


Glad he’s ok.