Guy Martin to sit out 2016 Isle of Man TT

Guy Martin will definitely NOT be racing at the 2016 Isle of Man TT.
After months of speculation surrounding the Tyco BMW star’s 2016 plans the Lincolnshire man has finally confirmed that he will miss this season’s TT festival to compete in the Tour Divide cycle race in North America instead.
The popular television-star-cum-bike racer had made clear his desire to compete in the mountain bike race that covers the 2,745 miles between Banff in Canada and Antelope Wells in New Mexico. With this year’s event beginning on June 11, the day after the Senior TT, it was impossible for Guy to ride at both events and he has opted for the American pushbike race over the TT.
The news will come as a blow not just to his Tyco BMW team and the TT organisers but to Guy’s legions of fans who have been hoping to see him win his first Mountain course race after 12 years of trying.
The 34 year old has made it clear that he is not retiring completely from bike racing, suggesting that he may make a return to the TT in the future. He has also indicated that he may race later in the 2016 season and Tyco BMW boss Phillip Neill has assured Guy that he will have machinery and the team’s support wherever he wants to race.
Now committed to a rigorous training schedule in preparation for the cycle race, Guy is unlikely to risk injury in the first part of the season which will almost certainly see him ruled out of the North West 200 as well as the TT.
The same considerations make it equally unlikely he will appear at any of the smaller early season events he usually takes in such as the Scarborough Spring Cup or the Cookstown 100 but he says he may race at some of the later road races in 2016.

fair play to him doing what he wants

Sounds to me like his crash last year (that nearly killed him) has made him think long and hard about racing. Can’t blame him tbh

McGuinness’s response had a little more sting. “I would rather shove live wasps up my arse than pedal 2745 miles on a bicycle!” said the 23-time TT winner.

Pissed myself laughing a bit while reading that

Guy Martin has always loved cycling.

John McGuinness, not so much :smiley:

well we always new Guy is a little bit crazy, riding a push bike that far in 7 weeks just proves it.  I wonder if he is just doing part of it or the full 7weeks, that’s a long time to  be away from his Scanias.

I honestly dont think it has anything to do with his Ulster crash putting him off more his pre season prep will be effected due to his injuries. The cycling will be a good rehabilitation program for him and something he always wanted to do. U watch him turn up at the Ulster to put that one away and also probably do Frohburg to.