Guy down Highgate towards Finchley

I arrived at this incident just as the ambulance was arriving.

Hope the fella involved was ok…I think everyone has times where perhaps they ride too fast, maybe he was just having one of those mad moments. I know I’ve done it.

With regards to riding gear; personally in this weather I wear a leather jacket, back protector, Draggin’ Jeans, Alpinestar boots and gloves. I think wearing leathers at these tempratures in town would actually be detrimental to my riding as I possibly affect my concentration levels.

As long as you wear a form of protection, it’s better than none. From the looks of it he didn’t have a back protector either. Lying on the side, his jacket and shirt was moved up a bit, with a huge bruise on his side (the other side probably too, but couldn’t see).
There was no indication that he’s wearing a back protector underneath the jacket/shirt.

I agree, everyone has their times when they ride a bit fast. I do it too, but there are places, locations and times when you just don’t do it. Blasting through Holloway road with easily 50mph+ swerving like a mad man between lanes during rush hour, no shoulder checks or anything,
he was asking for it. If he wants to off himself, I don’t mind, but then don’t involve other people.

The other biker’s fine, nothing happened to him apart from maybe a little shock when that guy crashed into bike’s rear.

Yep… it is agreed that lycra does not help.

why is’nt it?

both offs were in town, one was in winter one was at the end of summer, both times i was wearing normal jeans, so i see it as relevant.

and no it wasnt in the snow.

What I meant was that if a car hits you from the side then you’re gonna break something pretty good. Yes a bike can exeed 30mph but if I’m doing a couple miles then I’ll wear jeans and stick to the limits up to 30mph. I generally wear boots with good armour but there are times when I cant like when i’m at work and i need to pop out to get something. PS I live 1 mile from work so the only armour I wear is jacket and gloves and helmet.:slight_smile:

there are risks but they drop massively below 30mph.

just keep them eyes peeled

not necessarily, one of my off’s was in town at about 30 maybe less, i was hit side, hard enough to fold the radiator and crack the cylinder head.

i didnt break any bones but i left a nice dent in the cars wing :smiley:

Superman!??!?!?! :w00t:


i bounce well :slight_smile:

Last night was a case in point: stopped behind a car at a zebra crossing to let someone cross, scooter came straight past us at something above 30mph and, by pure luck only, skimmed the leg of the man crossing as he jumped out of the way. Scooter spun and he half-managed to keep it off the ground next to the pavement. Crossing man shouted some appropriate abuse and I followed it up with some words of my own right to his face.

I honestly thought I was going to see the guy killed.